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Mail-Order Tangle - Coming Soon!

It's a Duet!

Two Handsome Cousins
Two Desperate Sisters
Two Crazy Authors
Two Terrific Stories!

Ellie signs up to marry wealthy Texas rancher Erik Johanssen and brings her sister along to Texas.  What could possibly go wrong?

The set up

After the death of their mother, the business bungles and death of their father, Ellie and Laura Dickerson are barely getting by.  Thanks only to Laura's common sense, they've made it this far, but the money can't hold out much longer.  Laura may have to marry the onerous Mr. Cross to keep a roof over their heads.  But Ellie can't abide the thought of her older sister Laura marrying the slobbery old man, so she applies to be a mail-order bride, and agrees to marry Erik Johanssen, a wealthy Texas rancher.  He's agreed to pay for Laura to accompany her from Virginia to Texas.  Only thing is, Ellie's a social butterfly with cosmopolitan tastes, and Valdesta doesn't even have sidewalks, let alone decent shops.

Story One
Mail-Order Promise
by Caroline Clemmons
Ellie and Laura make the long journey to Texas, only to find Ellie's groom had made her a widow before she was a bride.  Now what should she do? To complicate matters, the deceased groom's brother, Kage Johanssen, is incredibly handsome.  And single.  And he doesn't want her.  But she has nowhere to go and no options.

Story Two
Mail-Order Ruckus
by Jacquie Rogers
Matt Johanssen returned to the ranch he and Kage started in Owyhee County, not knowing he took Laura's heart with him.  Now that Ellie's happily married with a baby on the way, Laura wants a home of her own, and a husband and family to put in it.  She signs a contract with a marriage broker and ends up in Silver City, near Matt's ranch.  Only thing is, he isn't on the roster of eligible grooms.  

Release date:
September 12
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Caroline Clemmons

Caroline Clemmons, Author


Jacquie Rogers

Jacquie Rogers, Author

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